We’re Rebel & Soul, a multi-award winning, socially conscious brand experience agency with a neuroscience twist.


As the world’s first Neuroexperience agency, we apply our neuroscience methodology INVOLVE® to create memory-inducing, multi-award-winning marketing campaigns for brands and agencies.

As a purpose driven business we create stand out ‘Rebel’ event and experience design campaigns in order to donate life enhancing memories for those in need ‘Soul’.

We are our memories

We are the memory of every experience, every interaction, every connection. Our memories are formed of experiences that inspire us, make us, shape us, enhance us. We are our memories, so we believe in crafting memories that count.

We enhance memories with neuroexperiences

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Up to 99.99% of our behaviour is subconscious*. The way we trust, appreciate and value is subconscious. We have researched the latest neuroscience to create our memory methodology, which speaks to the subconscious. It’s called INVOLVE® and we INVOLVE® our strategy, marketing, technology, events and experiences to create unforgettable memories. 

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* A.K.Pradeep, The Buying Brain


It’s hard to stand out and be remembered. Especially when our brains are programmed to remember the bad and not the good. We all remember long queues, dull conferences and awful food, so we design event & experience software and hardware products that ensure we only remember the good. From slick registration systems to gamified meeting tables to throwable 360 cameras.

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During times when travel is limited, diving (head-first) into the world of virtual is essential to survive and thrive. But how do you do this without breaking the bank (and having to hire an entire army…)? We explore the world of virtual in our latest white paper, covering everything from live-streaming, generating ROI, to what 8D audio really is.

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Awards we are proud of

At only five years young, we’re already winning multiple industry accolades. Here are some of our latest awards

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