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“Bring the Cannes Lions’ atmosphere to Asia’’, emphasize Dentsu Aegis’ digital DNA and encourage collaboration between its brands, its people and clients and prospective young


Dentsu’s theme for 2015 was ‘Neuromance’ with an 80’s retro Tron-like aesthetic held at the super cool Fullerton Waterboat House. The idea was to gamify social interactions and use digital to display those interactions in real time – effectively creating a social experiment that encourages people to connect with each other and promoting convergence through technology.


In collaboration with the creative technology genius of Airbag, we developed a futuristic interactive party night. Pre-event, guests could accept an e-invite via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, or all three. On arrival at the event, the tech issued them each with a digital tower. With Neuromantic styling, every time guests interacted on social media with our event hashtag their tower grew which visually translated in a ‘cyber city’ that displayed on a massive LED screen showing our guests’ social activity towers. When they connected with each other on social, their towers triggered digital fireworks in real time. All this paired with world class DJ’s from Massive Music, Singapore’s most accoladed mixologist Ethan Leong and A-list celebrities like Christina Hendricks and we had an unforgettable party.



78 percent of our 500 guests participated in the digital concept
Almost 2,000 digital interactions were tracked
We had to turn 100’s of people away at the door as we were at capacity
The digital experts in the crowd tried to hack the system on the night to grow their digital towers the biggest

Memories Created:
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Dan Neary
President, Facebook APAC
Dentsu Logo
Awesome event. Really loved the social overlay that was coordinated at the event.

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