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An immersive series of hybrid event workshops led by specialist artists from across the globe, for clients based in Hong Kong and Japan to craft




The only way to appreciate true craft and the time, effort, materials and creativity that go into it, is to be involved in it: Create a series of exclusive workshops to immerse our audience in craft, elevating their appreciation for it, and in turn, for the craft in each piece designed by Gucci.


For the inaugural event in the series, through the virtual platform, our audience were introduced to one of Russia’s leading mosaic artists. Russia is rich with some of the most intricate, life size mosaics. Sharing each mosaic designer and architects inspiration, the audience were asked to create a piece of their own. The piece had been specially designed by the Russian artist for Gucci, inspired by their Romantic and Colourful Collection. 

Guests were given all the specialist tools and supplies required to make their unique artworks and walked away with their own piece of art, signed by the artist.


For the second event in the hybrid workshop series, guests experienced a floral architecture masterclass, led by one of Japan’s most renowned florists, Azumi Ishikawa. Azumi walked guests through the Japanese way of arranging flowers according to ancient principles. 

Branches and flowers are placed at specific angles to represent ten (heaven), chi (earth), and jin (man). The way the flowers are placed represents the strength, delicacy, and ephemerality of living flowers.




  • 100% guest satisfaction
  • Seamless AV & Tech support
  • By creating a hybrid experience, guests were able to mingle with other Gucci clients whilst receiving professional knowledge and learning new skills from specialist artists based in Russia & Australia.
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