Imagine stepping back in time to 1877 and sailing the high seas where the port of Singapore was the region’s largest trading hub between Calcutta and Hong Kong, and when HSBC opened their first branch in Singapore.


We brought a glimpse of trading history and alliances to Raffles – a hotel steeped in colonial history – where 300 VIP guests witnessed rarely told stories of Indian Asian Trade, an internationally renowned sand artist, a traditional Indian violinist to serenade with old tunes, street-side carts of paan and chai reminiscent of old-world India, and bollywood dancers to celebrate the Diwali festivity spirit. The venue was beautifully decorated with traditional Indian rangoli in auspicious colours, ornate standing lamps, brass bowls filled with floating candles and rose petals, and lights. Motifs inspired from the classic Indian paisley, weaved between bowls and lamps ringed with fresh fragrant flowers representing vibrant elements of the festival of lights.



Receiving the highest attendance rate the bank had seen in 5 years, we were beyond thrilled to hear we were awarded the 2020 Diwali brief without a pitch.

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Penny Quek
Senior Vice President, Marketing
We have received very positive feedback on Diwali in terms of venue, décor, sand art and food. Thank you for pulling this together successfully and working with us on the last minute changes to event messaging and visuals.

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