Sephora – GOOD Skincare Launch

A neuro-filled, sensory media event to launch SEPHORA COLLECTION Good Skincare to fuel localisation, increase awareness and establish credibility via media & KOLs


We needed to host a local media event, and fuel localization through a country-led event to gain earned media values for SEPHORA COLLECTION. Increase awareness for SEPHORA COLLECTION Good Skincare and establish credibility for the range. Invite beauty and media KOLs to a neuro-filled sensory product launch underpinned by the Sephora Good Skincare brand values


Curate a neuro-filled beauty launch that the invite-only guest list would never forget. From a spa experience to personalised gifting, and a curated panel of relevant speakers, to unique botanical herbarium workshops, an instagrammable food spread (using the natural ingredients from the skincare range) and a gamification survey to test guests’ knowledge on how ‘good’ they are – complete with a digital selfie to post to social media


  • 30 KOLs and Media from Lifestyle publications in attendance
  • 20 guests engaged with the gamification survey, with an average score of 60%
  • 100+ stories / 20+ instagram posts directly from the KOLs and media, with an average engagement rate of 3.5% and a combined reach of over 20,000
Memories Created:

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