HSBC Jade – Origins of Luxury

The Singaporean wealth management market is incredibly saturated, and affluent consumers have access to exclusive experiences at their fingertips.




Create a luxury environment that High Net Worth customers subconsciously craved to be in, by offering them something that is usually out of their reach.


Create a series of ‘money can’t buy’ luxury experiences, underpinned by neuroscience, exclusively for newly-onboarded HSBC Jade customers to entice sign up. For one night only our ‘Origins of Luxury’ series delved into the archive of world famous brands and gave our audience access to private jets, classic cars, the world’s most expensive music boxes, one of a kind vintage jewellery and collections never before seen in Asia.


ROI: 79.5%

Campaign ROI $79.50 for every campaign dollar spent
78% net growth new client base
Contributed to over 38% annual growth in revenues
2.5 x our acquisition target

Memories Created:
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Aina Yee
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Kristy, I would like to shout out THANK YOU!!! Your entire team is superb and it’s always a pleasure to work with everyone on the team! Achieving the award for Best Product Launch is well deserved and we couldn’t have won this without you and your team. #bestagencyever

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