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Multi-award winning APAC customer acquisition marketing campaign for The Macallan, using ‘Whisky Worthy Stories’ to convert non-whisky drinkers.




The Challenge:
Create a marketing campaign to entice people who don’t care about Whisky to care about The Macallan

The Idea:
– Give our audience something they care about – an exclusive, luxury experience with a dose of learning and technology and subtly infuse it with The Macallan
– Design the experience to feel as luxurious as the competitor brands they already align with and love; Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Patek Philippe
– Redefine the way our audience feel about luxury spirits by suggesting that a luxury whisky like The Macallan, should only be consumed with inspiring stories. Stories worth sharing. Stories that transcend time and cultures. Legendary stories. Only stories of bold achievements deserves whisky this good:

The Creative Idea: Whisky Worthy Stories


The Macallan partnered with the iconic Raffles Hotel Singapore for the first retail experience in the APAC series. Rebel & Soul spent six months crafting eight luxury learning story zones to fit the space at Raffles:

The Zones
Infinity Cask Tunnel: A pressure sensor space that lights up as guests walk through, to reveal floor to ceiling mirror-backed, infinity effect casks that represent the 350,000 ‘sleeping’ casks in their Scottish distillery.

1. Cask Toast: It takes over 100 years to grow a tree to maturation and prepare it to craft The Macallan’s casks. Cask toasting is flaming a cask at soaring temperatures to seal the oak flavours. This room tells the story through a 2 minute film, during which a cask; a commissioned bespoke IP design with cold flame technology, bursts into flame to mimic the moment where the cask is toasted.

2. Boutique Sensory Cinema: A 12-minute Dolby Atmos, whisky worthy story filled film, where guests taste 20ml glasses of two variants of The Macallan whilst being surrounded by a host of taste enhancing sight, sound, taste, touch and aroma techniques.

3. Gravity Defying Bar & Lounge: Featuring a direct replica of the bar and lounge featured in the film, where guests can enjoy rare Macallan whiskies and tell whisky worthy stories.

4. Kinetic Art: This bespoke installation features 89 copper spheres (representing the copper stills). Using a digital interface, guests select a story and the artwork ‘dances’ to a soundscape to form a shape that tells the story.

5. Product Gallery: Showcasing the rare collections of The Macallan worth up to 6 figures per bottle, displayed on custom Kintsugi stone and glass plinths.

6. Retail Space: Allowing guests to purchase current and rare Macallan bottles with a gifting ritual where guests select one of four bespoke scented waxes to be applied to the gift wrap.

7. VIP Dining: A partnership with a rotation of Michelin star chefs to deliver whisky worthy stories over multi-course whisky pairing menus, a rationale Rebel & Soul devised to drive interest amongst the High Net Worths who over-index on limited edition experiences and fine dining.


ROI: 159%


  • 446.27% increase YoY on branded search term ‘The Macallan’ (Google Trends)
  • Social visibility 128% over target (19.9m impressions vs target 16m)
  • Avg 1.66% social engagement vs 1.22% industry average (socialinsider)
  • Website:
    • 106,631 unique website visitors (approximately 74% of total visits)
    • Average of 2.38 minutes on the site
  • $4.1m Earned PR (vs target of $3.2m)


    • $3.2m+ Revenue (ticket and product sales) vs target $2.8m
    • 37.3% of guests purchased product at the Experience
    • +1200 uplift in The Macallan email newsletter signups since launch
    • 8.93% SEM click-through rate (compared to industry average of 1.91%)
    • 80.85% video completion rate on YouTube
    • VIP dining – 258% against revenue targets
    • 84 consumers completed the customer satisfaction form, with some of the quotes being: ‘Perfect, akin to SIA first class’ and “Great experience and very knowledgeable staff to explain the entire journey”


  • The activation blueprints will be applied for 5 more markets
  • The ‘Virtual Macallan Experience’ will extend the experience beyond the original plan for 6 countries
  • All experiential technology will be shipped to future experiences to maximise the ROI and sustainability
  • Creation of the regional marketing toolkit to support the activation, an online experience to complement the live activation (live soon!) and are currently in talks for on-the-ground management of the various APAC production agencies

All ticket sale proceeds from the cinematic experience supports the charity started by one of the Asian heroes featured in the film.

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The most collaborative, responsive agency I have ever worked with, with incredible attention to detail, teamwork and professionalism. Thank you. I can’t wait to see the live results.

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