CNN – Experience Conference

Excite and engage the audience at CNN’S annual B2B conference and product showcase ‘Experience’, whilst delivering seamless AV to capture the live sessions.




Be the breaking news. Design an interactive experience for CNN to showcase their products and combine this with the opportunity to capture the news. Give the opportunity for those behind the camera to step in front of it.


We designed a fluid space that guided guests through every product showcase, giving them the opportunity to capture it, in breaking news, as they finished their tour. Live news sessions were delivered by CNN’s top global presenters whilst guests enjoyed a bespoke 4 course lunch.



Attendance of over 200 of CNN’s top clients
Over 100 interactive breaking news experiences
Average interaction time of over one hour with the product showcase

Memories Created:
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Sunita Rajan
Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, CNN
CNN logo
Thank you for making our event a huge success with the impeccable organization in every detail. A huge shout out to your entire team. We look forward to working with you in the future

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