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Combining food with the target market’s desire for status and exclusivity to create “A Taste of Luxury” launch event.



When Prudential approached us to launch their new wealth proposition Opus, we knew we needed a powerful proposition to entice their target market to attend an event for a brand they only associated with insurance, a product they most likely already had. The one element that never fails to entice in Singapore, is of course, food. So, we combined food with the target market desire for status and exclusivity and crafted a one day launch event we called “A Taste of Luxury”.


Opus means ‘masterpiece’ and that’s exactly what we created. A multi-sensory and multi-faceted masterpiece of luxury interactions and experiences to align the brand with luxury and wealth, differentiating it from Prudential’s core products and in doing so, attracting new clients. The venue was a private black and white home, only used once before for an event, and that aptly used to house Singapore’s head of banking. The intriguing venue worked like a charm to attract over 300 High Net Worth guests to take a peek into our masterpiece. The food was a powerful hook. We negotiated a rare partnership with Unlisted Collection to curate pops ups from Michelin Starred Restaurant Nouri with head chef Ivan Brehm, Carlos Montobbio of Esquina and Steve Allan of Pollen. From the moment guests cars were whisked away by valets, they were greeted by the Raffles Hotel butlers, Cold towels, specially curated OPUS cocktails and freshly shucked oysters (right before your very eyes!) met them next followed by a rare wine and whiskey tasting hosted by Berry Brothers & Rudd (think 2001 The Glenrothes, Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky). A live Tesla car disco performance was the one to watch whilst nibbling on scallops pan fried to your perfection. Strike a James Bond pose whilst being measured up by his tailor and try to decipher the edible art masterpiece from the not quite as tasty but considerably more expensive.


  • The event was featured in major lifestyle publications
  • 82% attendance rate
  • 300+ qualified client acquisition leads
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The Tesla test drives and performance show was amazing! As were the restaurant pop-ups and selection of different experiences. Absolutely loved it. Thank you!

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