Dentsu Aegis Network – Spikes After Party ‘Neogodai’

Make the 3rd Dentsu Aegis Network after party for Spikes the best to date. Encourage collaboration between the ten Dentsu brands, its people and clients


We were briefed to make the 3rd Dentsu Aegis Network after party for Spikes the best to date. To encourage collaboration between the ten Dentsu brands, its people and clients and prospective young talent we gave guests a reason to collaborate with a highly engaging piece of technology that allows the guests to use their mobile to digitally change the ambience of the room creating an innovative and ever evolving piece of art. Knitting together the Neogodai meaning: earth, wind, fire, rain, sky.


‘Godai’ is the Japanese term for the five great elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Void. We named our event ‘Neo Godai’ to represent the ‘neo’ or new elements which the Dentsu brands will use to help drive innovation and shape the world for the future. We built a bespoke interactive installation which enabled event attendees to influence and alter the animated projected ceiling graphics representing tomorrow’s elements. The participants were able to change the whole ambience of the room and the vibe at the event through the use of a WebGl interface on their mobile phones. When more than 5 guests collaborated at the same time, they were rewarded with a memory inducing video animation takeover. We flew in world class DJ’s from Massive Music Amsterdam, added Singapore’s most accoladed mixologists to craft the cocktails of tomorrow, threw in the odd A-list celebrity like the amazing Adrian Grenier of Entourage and we had ourselves an unforgettable party.



550 attendees

Groups of 5 of more connected 53 times through the digital activation which triggered 53 animation takeovers

Fire was 2.5 x more popular than the other elements

Over 9 interactions per minute

Over 2200 interactions with up to 22 users engaging simultaneously

We had a number of attempts to use the app from Windows PCs, especially after the event, which we blocked on the server…. People loved it so much they wanted to play at home!!

Memories Created:
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Dick van Motman
Chairman and CEO Dentsu Aegis Network Southeast Asia
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Kristy beams confidence which is key when organising complicated events. She leans on years of experience and knows that she can get things done. And she does – meticulously. She helped us with three events and the dedication, energy and flexibility she has shown throughout make me happy to keep working with her and Rebel and Soul.

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