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Marketing Magazine MARKies – Most Effective Use Events

Marketing Magazine MARKies - Most Effective Use Events - Rebel & Soul

What a way to start 2019 – bringing home some an award for Marketing Magazines MARKies recognising Rebel & Soul for Most Effective Use – Events.

We knew we created something special with the HSBC Jade – Origins of Luxury series of events, the first of our work to officially use our INVOLVE™ methodology. So we were absolutely ecstatic, as were our clients, when we received the recognition for the quite-frankly phenomenal business results the launch series created.

Huge congrats to the Rebel team, our ever-supportive clients and amazing partners. This is for you!!

About the awards

Marketing magazine returns with the third edition of the MARKies Awards to celebrate the most innovative, creative and effective campaigns or projects spanning Singapore’s entire marketing services industry.

The category Rebel & Soul was recognised for is Most Effective Use – Events, rewarding the most effective use of a planned event to achieve a targeted objective. Judges will be looking at the strategy, execution, and performance of the scaled business, trade or consumer event. Entries should illustrate how the event was designed to captivate its audience, how the event was organised effectively, how strongly the brand values and objectives relating directly to the attendee’s journey at the event were achieved, and the resulting return on investment.

The judging criteria was broken down as follows:

  • Idea (10%)
  • Strategy (20%)
  • Execution (30%)
  • Results (40%)

The MARKies judging panel is made up of over 20 client-side senior marketers.

See the full article and see the full list of winners.

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