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We created a neuroscience-based system called INVOLVE® that speaks to the subconscious. It’s a shortcut to memory making.


Since inception the Rebel & Soul team have been experimenting in the background and proving the theory of a brand’s memorability through neuroscience.

In 2019 Rebel & Soul formalised and officially launched their world-first Neuroexperience methodology called INVOLVE® which, when applied to the design process of a marketing campaign, ensures that brands connect with consumers at a subconscious level in a highly memorable way.

Without giving too much of our secret sauce away, INVOLVE® is our seven-part, 38-touchpoint memory making framework that ensures you capture attention and keep it long enough to bank long term memories:

  • Intrigue: Create the unexpected. Expectation is the brain’s biggest filter. We create intriguing ideas that bypass the filter.
  • Novel: Our brains are like monkeys and crows. We create ideas that are new and often world firsts.
  • Vivid: We produce images for the mind to start the encoding memory process in order to increase brand retention and recall by up to 90%.
  • Organised: Our brains are programmed to remember the bad, so we plan our events to perfection to ensure all guests remember, is the fun they had.
  • Lively: Memories are linked to action. We curate events with movement in mind at every moment to increase the propensity to create a memory.
  • Variety: Our average attention span is 8 seconds, so we create variety in our events to hold attention until a long-term memory is banked.
  • Emotion: We are our emotions. We craft ways to enhance every sense. The more emotions we associate with the stronger the memory.

One of Rebel’s HSBC clients – the first clients to buy into our INVOLVE® methodology – saw the largest ROI the bank had ever seen as a direct result from our two year creative event and experience design series HSBC Jade – Origins of Luxury.

To INVOLVE® your brand, get in touch with our neuroexperience experts.

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