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Photo App

Immediately be superimposed into another world, with bespoke options to tailor to your event and experience photography needs.


We thrive on crafting neuroexperiences to create long-lasting memories, so we built a photobooth product to do just that.

With the capability to work with most popular pro Cameras, once an image is taken we use our proprietary image overlaying software to combine a PNG or dynamically created image to display on a tablet in real time. Users are then able to type in their contact details and receive a personalised message with their photo. 

Some of the details:

  • Customisation options
  • Option to select multiple backgrounds
  • Instant display kiosk for guests to view their photo and select the one they like
  • Option to print, email, post to client servers of a social media channel in real time

Have an event coming up? Or just love to be superimposed onto… anything? Let our creative event and experience design specialists craft the perfect campaign for you.

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