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Smart Table

A tech-enabled smart table that makes meetings more memorable and drive sales; truly combining technology, neuroexperiences and business.


The software is designed to be paired with an infra-red or capacitive touch screen table, a hardware product that we are currently exploring a partnership for. The table can be flat to enable games with 4+ users or on a pivot allowing for a smaller number of users.

The software provides a highly memorable way of collaborating on, creating digital notes for and signing documents. The meeting is guided by a timer that encourages the users to take a break and use the software to play games. There are a range of games which are designed to 

  • Break the ice
  • Heighten learning
  • Sharpen focus
  • Encourage relaxation

Have an event coming up? Or just love the idea of a tech-enabled smart table to enhance your meetings? Get in touch with our creative event and experience design specialists.


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